39th Sofia Music Weeks International Festival  23 May - 2 July 2008
28 June 2008
Bulgaria Chamber Hall

David Glen Hatch - piano
Young Prize-Winning American Pianists


Alexander Scriabin - Two Etudes
Op. 2, No. 1 in C-Sharp Minor
Op. 8, No. 12 in D-Sharp Minor

Sergei Rachmaninov - Moment Musical, Op. 16, No. 4 in E Minor  

Performer: David Glen Hatch

J.S. Bach - Sicilienne from Sonata in E-Flat Major for Flute & Piano 
(Arranged for Two Pianos/Eight Hands by Mack Wilberg)

Performers David Glen Hatch, Mary Mecham, Erik Sealander, Jessie Dyer

Franz Liszt - Liebestraume No. 3
Performer Jessie Dyer

Frederic Chopin - Waltz in E Minor (posthumous)
Performer Collin Black

Claude Debussy - Jardins sous la pluie
Performer Taalin Rasmussen

Sergei Rachmaninov - Polichinelle
Performer Quinn Black

Franz Liszt - Transcendental Etude No.10 in F Minor
Performer Sarah Bartlett

Frederic Chopin - Nocturne in F Major Op. 15 No. 1
Performer Erik Sealander

Johannes Brahms - Capriccio Op. 116  No. 1
Performer Kara Sorensen

Sergei Rachmaninov - Etude-Tableau in F-Sharp Minor Op. 39, No. 3
Performer David Pedersen

Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody No. 15
Performer Sarah Goaslind

Frederic Chopin - Nocturne, Op. 48, No. 1
Performer Sean Smith

Moritz  Moszkowski - Etude No. 1 in E Major 
Performer Mary Beth Mecham

Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody, No. 6 
Performer David Glen Hatch

John Philip Sousa - The Stars and Stripes Forever 
(Arranged for Two Pianos/Eight Hands by Mack Wilberg)

Performers: David Glen Hatch, Kara Sorensen, Sarah Goaslind, David Pedersen